Red Flag Warnings and
5 Minute Evacuation Plans


When wildfire strikes, there’s no time to panic. You and your family need to be ready now for the next wildfire. Don’t get stuck – get a Five Minute Plan.

Evacuation orders mean that you have to leave right away. During a Red Flag Warning you should be ready to leave your house in five minutes. When you have to evacuate, five minutes can make all the difference.

The Five Minute Plan campaign provides clear and accessible safety information through public safety announcements, brochures, outdoor advertising, and digital content to prepare Californians to keep themselves safe during an emergency. These materials are free to download and share, and can be customized with local firefighter association logos upon request.

Firefighters On Your Side is supported in partnership with Pacific Gas and Electric, Edison International, and Chevron.

We encourage community based organizations and any interested groups to download and share these materials.




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